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Call Us Today!
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Park DuValle Community Health Center is here to serve you. One way we do that is our on-site pharmacy. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Am I paying too much for my prescriptions?

Maybe! Park DuValle Community Health Center Pharmacy can help you lower the cost of your medications. We offer discounted pricing on all prescription medications. Through the federally-funded 340B Drug Pricing Program, we can purchase nearly every drug at a reduced cost, which means we can pass the saving on to YOU!

How do I get started with the Pharmacy at Park DuValle?

First, you  MUST be a patient of any Park DuValle Communtiy Health Center location.

Your provider can send the prescription directly to our pharmacy electronically. Electronic prescriptions are quicker and safer than handwritten prescriptions. Or, you can bring a handwritten prescription from your PDCHC provider to our pharmacy.

Tell your provider and nursing team that you would like your RX send to Park DuValle Pharmacy.

Are all medications/drugs avaliable?

Virtually all medications are included and qualify for cost savings. You can even purchase OTC (over-the-counter) items like allergy medications, insulin syringes and diabetes testing supplies at our pharmacy with a written prescription from your doctor. 

Remember, the prescription must be written by a Park DuValle Community Health Center provider in order to qualify for 340B drug pricing Plan.

Can I transfer an existing Rx to the Pharmacy at Park DuValle?

Unfortunately, no. While we can transfer prescriptions out, we are not able to transfer existing prescriptions into our pharmacy. However, we are able to contact your PDCHC provider for a new RX to be filled at our pharmacy instead.

What are my payment options?

If your insurance includes pharmacy coverage your co-pay will be the same. If your medications are not covered by your insurance or you do not have insurance, you can qualify for discounted self-pay (sliding scale) payments for your medicaitons.
Use your phones QR scanner and the image above to download the MobileRx App today!
(Also avaliable by searching MobileRx in your app store)

Mobile Rx

Mobile Rx is an application and webpage where you can go and refill your prescriptions without ever having to call your pharmacy. No hold times, no waiting, instant refills.

It's as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Go to or open the MobileRx Application on your smartphone.
2. Type in your pharmacy phone number (502.774.4401)
3. Type in your Rx numbers
That's all there is to it. Once you click submit you prescriptions are sent to our pharmacy and ready to be picked up within 1 business day.

This online feature is another way we show you that we really are All About Caring. Making your life easier.  

Mobile Rx
MobileRx at Park DuValle CHC a new way for you to refill your Rx.

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